Structured Sales

Are you interested in selling your INVESTMENT PROPERTY,
but don’t want to give up your income?

There are solutions.

STRUCTURED SALES are designed to give you a secured monthly payment stream from the sale of your current asset. Structured Sales are similar to seller carry-backs, but structured sales allow investors to tailor the terms of payment to meet their specific needs.

Benefits of a Structured Sale

Flexibility – During the sale of your relinquished property, you determine the amount of money you want up front, the length of term of payment and when you want to cash out. Interest rates are determined by the length of the payment term.

Payments – Payments from your relinquished property are guaranteed by a Fortune 50 company.

Cash Flow – Secure a dependable monthly income stream for your retirement.

Security – Traditional “seller carry” notes and alternative investments can leave you exposed to a wide variety of problems. Structured sales give you greater control and security over your income.

Capital Gains – Defer capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture over a predetermined period selected by you.

Simplify – Eliminate all management and care of your investment property, allowing you to take back your time.

Asset Eligibility – Assets eligible for a structured sale include: Apartments, commercial property, business, primary home, second home and vacation home.

Estate Planning – The remaining term and proceeds of your structured sale will be passed onto your benefactors.

Fees – 100% of your sale proceeds will be used for your structure sale.

1031 Exchange – Structured sales can be used in the event a traditional 1031 exchange fails, or if you have cash “boot” remaining.




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